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Let's solve cardiac diseases together: Python meets medical imaging and machine learning


Are you thinking of applying computer vision and machine learning in your new projects? Are you excited about artificial intelligence and the future of healthcare? Then join us for this talk, and at least for a moment become a part of our start-up journey at KardioMe.

Come and learn about our own hearts' function and how we use Python for automated medical image analysis to improve understanding of our cardiac anatomy from computed tomography and magnetic resonance images. Together, we will see tools making our healthcare at least a bit more efficient, tools empowering all of us to take better care of our health.

I will share with you some our experiences from building prototypes to deploying machine learning systems for automated medical image analysis. I will show you how deep learning with convolutional neural nets can solve some of your computer vision challenges too and how to pick your machine learning framework and image processing library (featuring Keras with Tensorflow, MxNet, scikit-learn, OpenCV, scikit-image, and SimpleITK)


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