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Django Channels and Real-Time Data


Rachel is a entrepreneur and full-stack developer who enjoys developing complicated distributed software. She first joined the Internet in 1986 and has since has worked on CAD, networking, cryptography, digital cash, ebooks and price comparison products. Rachel is the founder of Luzme, the world's best ebook price comparison website, which sends price alerts on your watchlist. Originally built with Django/Python, this now includes a new front-end stack based on AngularJS/Firebase. As the founder of Intertrader in 1995, Rachel created a dotcom company aiming to create the world's first digital cash exchange. After surviving 8 years of dotcom boom-and-bust, and after successfully selling the concept to major customers like Mastercard, CREST and Bank of Scotland, she eventually learnt that being 20 years ahead of the market was not necessarily a Good Thing and closed the company. She then worked with Ben Laurie on the OpenPGP::API open source cryptography library, moving on the BBC where she worked on one of the world's top 10 largest CouchDB installations. Rachel is active in the technology and startups communities, with a particular interest in new technologies and companies. She studied Engineering Science at the University of Durham. She lives in Edinburgh, Scotland and is learning to play jazz upright bass.


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