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Python of Things


Look at our desperate times, where toothbrushes have obligatory Bluetooth features, trashcans collect data about your habits, and cameras track your every move. And what exactly can you contribute to this IoT mayhem, our dearest Python developer? Imagine yourself building new things, connecting existing ones into something exciting and (maybe) having a good time.

In this talk we will look at Python's place in a IoT world, how to use it for interaction with various peripherals and what hardware platforms are best suited for this purpose.

Intended auditory: middle-level (and higher) software developers, makers and IoT enthusiasts.

Main points:

  • Abundance of computation resources are getting us lazy
  • You can't win against IoT, so all that left is to join the fray.
  • Python can be used for low-level interaction with various hardware.
  • MicroPython - stripped-down version of Python 3 for use on various microcontrollers.
  • Python ecosystem has various libraries for working with industry-proven communication protocols (e.g. ZigBee).
  • Safety first!


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