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Riding a Bike Driven Development - Python Good Practices


Presentation consists of some tips and tricks which are well known for advanced pythonistas, but also a couple of less known practices based on my own experience developed during working on Fuel. “Riding a Bike” refers to something we need to eventually learn and it becomes natural after some time - so Natural that we don’t need to think about Riding a Bike while riding a bike. In my presentation I will confront different solutions for the same problems, showing underlying algorithms and complexity. Presentation intends to be a comprehensive set of good python practices for beginners and a spark for discussion among advanced pythonistas.

Sylwester Brzęczkowski Sylwester works as a junior Python engineer at Mirantis, where his major focus is on making a product for seamless deployment of OpenStack clouds. He graduated Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań as a Bachelor of Software Engineering. While he was studying there, he and two of his friends have founded an initiative called PyCircle which helps other students to learn Python and supports their projects. In his free time he works on pet project called 'citify'. The rest of the time he spends for reading books, and playing musical instruments.


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