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Debugging with Uncle Pólya


Tytuł/Topic: Debugging with Uncle Pólya Prelegent/Speaker: Peter Inglesby

As developers, we spend too much of our time trying to understand how code works, and in particular, why it doesn't work as we expect. Debugging is the art of understanding buggy code, and it is a special case of what is known as "problem solving". In 1945, George Pólya wrote "How To Solve It", a guide to thinking about solving problems, and in this talk I want to share Pólya's approach. In particular, I want to show how his ideas can be applied to debugging Python programs. Along the way, we'll look at various tools and techniques that I have found useful when trying to understand the behaviour of Python code (whether buggy or not). I'll also discuss how, if we write software with the goal of making debugging easy, we end up with more maintainable code that contains fewer bugs.


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