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Faster Python apps with open source APM


Slow applications are no fun. Application performance monitoring (APM) makes tracking down issues problems much easier. But which tools should you use? With the release of Elastic APM, there’s a new option. Language server and Python client is fully open source so you can get started with any app. Elastic’s APM was released some time ago, so it’s a very fresh option for tracing performance problems in Python applications (and other runtimes as well). The basic platform is free so it should be a welcome change for Go developers used to spending huge bills on comparable hosted platforms. It’s useful out of the box for tracing basics on web requests including: - Request details - Response time percentiles - Transaction timelines - Application errors and stack traces - Individual code lines - Distributed Tracing It can also be used to track any custom span in any Go application to find out where time is being lost and users are being slowed down.


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