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When gRPC Met Python


When gRPC Met Python - PyCon Italia 2022

What if we can have a tool that helps us to do intelligent load balancing or What if we can do selective compression of the data and extremely fast and light weight transfer of data? Then let me introduce gRPC, the technology that helps us to do all of this and how can we integrate gRPC with Python. gRPC is one of the most new breakthroughs in the world of client server interaction. Using gRPC our client can directly make a call to a server on a different machine as if it were a local object. gRPC has low latency, high scalability and supports multiple use cases for distributed system. We can even build mobile clients which can communicate to a cloud server. gRPC uses Protocol Buffers which is an open source mechanism for serialising structured data, which makes payloads faster, smaller and simpler. In this talk we will try to understand how can we get started with gRPC in Python. grpcio package of python will be used for the demonstration of the examples and we will cover basics of gRPC as well. We will build a basic gRPC service and define protocol buffers for it. Demonstration of how a client and a server can be made through gRPC and how can they communicate.

Speaker: Sanket Singh


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