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/metrics, a must have


/metrics, a must have - PyCon Italia 2022

With modern applications being distributed, only testing is enough to ensure your apps are healthy? The web is wild and users are unpredictable. Having a good strategy of observability in place is essential. In this talk, I’ll demo how to setup extensible metrics in your app using open-source tools With the advent of microservices and all that jazz, the complexity of monitoring applications increased quite a lot. How many instances of my app do I have running? Are they all healthy? How is it performing under heavy load? Questions like that can not be answered by guesses only, but you need data to be more assertive.

In this talk, we will create a sample web application and instrument it using Prometheus (and potentially other tools such as Grafana, Jaeger, Alert Manager, etc) and see in practice how we can monitor web applications in real-time.

Speaker: Luiz Marques


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