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Exploring Patterns to Debug your Life


Exploring Patterns to Debug your Life - PyCon Italia 2022

Just as in code, in our daily life we have patterns that can be returning patterns. Can we debug our life, via debugging skills we learned in coding? Come to experience this talk to learn how to debug your life! In daily life we have patterns and even returning patterns, at least if you take time to recognize some parts happening in your life. This can be in your career, customer relations, and even in personal and family relations. Nice patterns lead to success and inspiration. Bad pattens leads to bore-out, burn-out or even worse… In this talk Dennie and special guest speaker Miriam – a well-known Belgian speaker and experience expert in Autism – will take you on a journey where they explain life patterns via metaphors in the tech/ developer world. You will learn how to recognize life patterns exactly as in code, engineering, and business patterns. When you recognize the patterns it’s finally time to learn to debug those patterns! Just as you debug code patterns with changing the source code, you learn to debug life patterns via changing lifestyle, and in specific thoughts. As you see, those are just the same. Slides:

Speakers: Miriam Perrone, Dennie Declercq


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