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Building GraphQL APIs using Python and Type Hints


Building GraphQL APIs using Python and Type Hints - PyCon Italia 2022

GraphQL is an awesome technology that allows to build type safe APIs. In this talk we’ll learn how GraphQL works and how we can use Python’s type hints to create GraphQL APIs. GraphQL is a technology to create web APIs that has become quite popular in the past years. In this talk we’ll see in detail what GraphQL is, why it exists and why you should use it.

We’ll also see how we can implement a GraphQL API using Strawberry and Python’s type hints. We’ll see why type hints make a lot of sense for GraphQL and what kind of issue you might encounter writing GraphQL APIs.

By the end of the talk you’ll know what GraphQL is, how to implement a basic GraphQL API using Python and what to look out for when working with GraphQL in production.

Target audience: python developers with familiarities of web APIs (like REST). some knowledge of type hints might be useful

Speaker: Patrick Arminio


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