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Traversing the land of graph computing and databases


Graphs have long held a special place in the computer science’s history (and codebases). With the advent of a new wave of the information age characterized by a greater emphasis on linked data, graph computing and databases have risen to prominence. Be it enterprise knowledge graphs or graph-based analytics, there are a great number of potential applications.

To reap the benefits of graph databases and computing, one needs to understand the basics as well as current technical landscape and offerings. Also, it’s important to understand if a graph-based approach suits your problem. This talk will touch upon these points. Be prepared to learn some graph fundamentals and witness a live demo using Neo4j, a popular graph database.

Soft pre-requisites include familiarity with Python and experience working with a SQL or NoSQL database. There are no hard pre-requisites.

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in __on Friday 3 May at 12:00 **See schedule**

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