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Taking deep learning models to production and doing so reliably is one of the next frontiers of DevOps. With the advent of Redis modules and the availability of C APIs for the major deep learning frameworks, it is now possible to turn Redis into a reliable runtime for deep learning workloads, providing a simple solution for a model serving microservice. In this talk we will introduce RedisAI, a joint effort by Orobix and RedisLabs that introduces tensors and graphs as new Redis data types and allows to execute graphs over tensors using multiple backends (PyTorch, TensorFlow, and ONNXRuntime), both on the CPU and GPU. The module also supports scripting with TorchScript, which provides a Python-like tensor language that can be used to facilitate pre- and post-processing operations, like input shaping or output ensambling. In addition, thanks to its support for the ONNX standard, including ONNX-ML, RedisAI is not strictly limited to deep learning, but it offers support for general machine learning algorithms. In this talk, we will demonstrate a full, Python-powered journey from fine tuning a model to a scalable Flask + RedisAI deployment. Last, we will lay down the roadmap for the future, like automated batching, sharding, integration with Redis data types (e.g. streams) and advanced monitoring. The talk will include sample code, best practices and a live demo.

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