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How to Become a Kickass Team Lead 101


Title: How to Become a Kickass Team Lead 101

Audience Level: Beginner

Requirements: None


Most engineers who get promoted to the role of a team lead, tech lead or lead developer (regardless of the wording of the title) feel like they were thrown in cold waters as they, most probably, lack prior training or education on the subject matter. Most of us that survive and actually get to like the new role and arrive at really good results, manage to educate themselves on the skills and habits required to become an effective team leader.

In this talk, I will cover the most important lessons about being an effective team lead without any previous knowledge about the subject. This is a practical talk and the audience will walk away with a lot of material and advice to upgrade their engineering leadership game, as well as a recommended set of resources for further study. The talk is primarily focused on developing leadership skills and is tailored towards engineers and software teams.

The learning goals are: - How to develop practical leadership skills for your day-to-day job - Understand the core components of leadership: ATM (Ability, Team, Mission) - How to build teamwork on a foundation of trust - How to overcome the main dysfunctions to look in order to tighten up your team - Increase your awareness of the main anti-patterns that team leads end up doing

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