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Building a Celery alternative in Django on Kubernetes


Every used Celery and been frustrated by the complexity of RabbitMQ, the Redis visibility timeout, or the deprecated Postgres support? Wish there was better support for composing tasks into workflows and a web UI for viewing status and logs? I’ve been working with Celery for years; it is a great tool but I wanted to build something that fit my use cases better so I started a new task execution framework.

This talk isn’t about that framework, however. It is about how to use Django and React together, how to take advantage of more advanced Postgres features like recursive queries and select-for-update row locking, and how to deploy the resulting application onto Google Cloud Platform’s hosted Kubernetes solution. I hope it is valuable as a how-to guide covering many current best practices, from CLI and API design to high-availability and continuous deployment. Everything is open-sourced on GitHub at

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