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Writing and deploying serverless Python applications

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Short summary:

In this talk you’ll learn how to implement and deploy a basic serverless Python application.

Long summary:

Serverless is a concept that has recently raised to popularity, boosted by the drive to financially optimize usage of computing power in cloud environments while reducing maintenance efforts.

The following topics will be covered in this talk:

  • What is a serverless application?
  • What are the benefits of the serverless execution model?
  • What is AWS Lambda
  • How to implement a basic Python serverless application with AWS Lambda?
  • How to implement a serverless Python based Webservice using Zappa

Although no live coding or deployments will be performed, the examples in this talk are very easy to repeat on one’s own computer.

Target audience:

Programmers of all experience levels willing to know what serverless is, and how to use it.

Some knowledge of Backend development would be beneficial to fully grasp the problem serverless architectures attempt to solve.

There is also a teaser video.

in __on sabato 21 aprile at 12:45 **See schedule**


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