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Using Python to bring democracy to the A.I. age



When you go full Big Data at public data and become a citzen.

Audience type: developers, data scientists of any level of expertise.

After a political coup Brazil drowned in scandals and political disbelief. That was the final straw for us.

We created a bot persona who uses Machine Learning to analyze public spending, launching our own data journalism investigations. As expected we use the internet publicize our findings and icing on it was to use Twitter to directly engage the public and politicians under the topic of suspicious expenses.

Come with me and I’ll show some figures from Brazilian corruption, share some code and cherry-pick the best of our toolbox to deal with public data and machine learning. I’ll introduce our public dashboard that makes visualization and browsing government data easy peasy. And surely we can take a look in some tweets from Rosie, the robot, and how some politicians are now vociferating with a ROBOT on social media.

And you guessed it right: everything is open-source and our mission is to create a global community to bring democracy to the A.I. age.

in __on sabato 21 aprile at 18:30 **See schedule**

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