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Don’t try to look smart, be smart!

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I’m not gonna go Deepak Chopra on you — for a second what would happen if you had the chance to start your career all over again. if you had a chance to you do all the things that you’ve done and imagine what you would change.

Specifically, I want you to imagine that you don’t have all the time that you’ve had so far, you have way less time than you’ve had so far. Imagine what you would do and what you would change. I’ll give you just like a couple of seconds to go through that.

This topic is a bit hard for me as it covers some of the things I’ve gone through in my career that made me feel like an idiot when they happened. With time, I’ve realized that these are the things that have taken me where I’m at and I hope they will be useful to you as they were for me. I don’t intend to look smart but rather be honest, as honest as I can be about my past so that you can, perhaps, start ahead.

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