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Introduction to Data-Analysis with Pandas / Time Series Analysis with Pandas


Pandas is the Swiss-Multipurpose Knife for Data Analysis in Python. With Pandas dealing with data-analysis is easy and simple but there are some things you need to get your head around first as Data-Frames and Data-Series.

The first part of talk with provide an introduction to Pandas for beginners, while the second part will focus on Time Series Analysis with Pandas.

part one (~40") Introduction to Pandas

  • reading and writing data across multiple formats (CSV, Excel, JSON, SQL, HTML,…)
  • statistical data analysis and aggregation.
  • work with built-in data visualisation
  • inner-mechanics of Pandas: Data-Frames, Data-Series & Numpy.

part two (~20") Time Series Analysis

  • how to analyse periodical data with pandas
  • how to mangle, reshape and pivot
  • caveats when working with timed data
  • visualize your data on the fly

bonus (if we have time left)

  • gain insights with statsmodels (e.g. seasonality)


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