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Lessons Learned Open Sourcing Codespeed


Open Sourcing a Python project can teach you lessons in so diverse fields as Software Engineering, Project Management, Marketing, Community Management and more. Looking back at the past 7 years, Codespeed, my first Open Source project, has been a niche but very successful project by many metrics. It is or has been in use by well-known projects and organizations like the PSF, PyPy, Twisted, RubySpec, Julia (lang), companies like AMD, Dropbox and many others, and to this date there is no clear alternative. And yet its codebase has become a mess and active development grounded to a halt for a spell of two or three years.

What lessons can we learn from that story? This talk will highlight some aspects that went horribly wrong, as well as explain some concepts in the original design that proved key for the project's success.


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