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Realtime microservices with server side Flux by Ratandeep Debnath 51:16


This talk will introduce the concept of Flux, a unidirectional data flow pattern proposed by Facebook, to implement better client side web applications; and how we took this pattern to the server side to implement realtime, scalable microservices. This talk will take you through our adventurous journey in rewriting a monolithic Waartaa into several microservices and how we implemented:

Inter process communication Keeping services as stateless as possible Single source of truth Realtime publishers The end result of this venture is ircb, a scalable IRB bouncer for humans, written using Python 3 asyncio, and on top of homebrewed zeromq based store.

The talk will be organized as:

Setting the scene Why move to microservices? Managing state in microservices can be a nightmare? Server side Flux to the rescue Walk through IRCB architecture Demo - concepts in action Future Questions


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