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Mobile apps with Python, Quick! - Part 1


With "mobile first" as vision statement, we harness significant power of using Python and django to produce clean back-ends especially using django-piston as key library. The Django framework is quite well known. It is a extremely quick and easy way to develop web sites and apps. Backed by strong developer community and wealth of knowledge available online, it is natural first choice for web-development. But in this case, we use it as an excellent web-app back-end which we drive a mobile front-end. Sencha is fast becoming an important framework for developing mobile apps which runs elegantly on both Android and iPhone. With almost native API like look and feel, it works like a charm on Android and iPhone platform reducing development time dramatically. I will try to address the classic problem of disconnect between mobile and web-apps. Putting the system of producing both within single development cycle. Using django-piston as center piece library. We will use extensively to create well defined APIs. These APIs will in turn be used with Sencha based front-ends. Extending further we will take a look at integration testing of this framework towards creating a rock solid mobile experience. This will be followed by discussion on merits of using browser over native app frameworks.

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