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Weaving a Search Engine around User's Workflow


PyCon Finland 2015 Priidu Kull - Weaving a Search Engine around User's Workflow

In this talk I will discuss my attempt to build a search engine for legal documents that lawyers would love to use. I tried to figure out how lawyers work with documents and to build a search engine that would best fit their workflows. I will discuss the methods that I have used for finding out about their workflows and the decisions that I had to make to best accommodate the workflows of my users. The talk will include practical advice on using Elasticsearch.

About the author: I was a lawyer, then decided to become a coder because I enjoyed coding so much and I was motivated by the ability to make a difference that coders possess more than lawyers. Currently I have three years of experience in software development, including 1.5 years working for a software development firm. The project that will feature in my talk is online at and I am currently putting in full time effort to develop it.


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