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Introducing the Asphalt framework


PyCon Finland 2015 Alex Grönholm - Introducing the Asphalt framework

Most existing server frameworks only cater to a specific network protocol, forcing developers to learn everything anew when building an app for a different protocol. Or worse, there's no framework available so they have to reinvent everything by themselves.

Now, meet Asphalt -- a new general purpose server microframework that not only solves these problems, but also provides strong compatibility guarantees through the use of semantic versioning and PEP 484 type hints.

In this talk, you will hear how Asphalt compares (or doesn't) to Twisted, how to mix asynchronous code with synchronous code and how to develop multi-protocol applications that work seamlessly together.

About the author: I'm a private contractor from Espoo, 35 years old. I'm a Jython core developer and the author of APScheduler, sqlacodegen, jython-swingutils, the concurrent.futures backport and of course the Asphalt framework. I build and maintain Enterprise Resource Planning systems for a living.


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