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The Python Space adventure


Do you you remember the last time you took a sunburn? Have you ever wonder why this happen? It’s UV’s fault: Ultraviolet Rays. But what are they exactly? How can we obtain this information?

With this talk we will explore a new type of data obtained with Sentinel 5P Satellite, . We will talk about the most ambitious earth observation programme in the world: Copernicus. We will see how Python can easily handle the entire workflow: from downloading to processing and finally visualization.

We will explore a spatial dataset about ultraviolet radiation and the main pollutants on the air we breathe: NO, NO2, O3, PM 10, PM2.5…

With a live demo in pure Python we will see how to visualize the spatial data using Jupyter and numpy, matplotlib and pygrib modules.

An example of the code could be found here:

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