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Come as you are: Transitioning from Science to Data Science


Speaker:: Dr. Hannah Bohle

Track: General: Community, Diversity, Carreer, Life and everything else I would like to give a little insight into my journey from academia to industry.

I started working as a data scientist after more than a decade in quantitative science and leaving my post-doc position in neuroscience. Now I am often asked by scientists how I made the transition. In my talk, I want to encourage newcomers, show them what they might already bring to the table, help them avoid pitfalls, and explain what I think might be helpful in finding a first job as a data scientist. I'll also touch on the tech stack needed and what role Python plays in that. Come as you are!

Recorded at the PyConDE & PyData Berlin 2022 conference, April 11-13 2022. More details at the conference page: Twitter: Twitter:


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