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Reliable and effective tools for testing professional Python code


It is unquestionable that one of the main characteristics of a health software project is the existence of well written tests. Furthermore, choosing the right tools for writing and running those tests are essential for the maintainability of the code base. Those tools need to provide reliability and be effective in the context of executing the tests to enable a productive environment for the software developer. Yet choosing the right tools might not be so obvious for a typical Python developer, since Python open source community maintains a wide range of tools for writing and running tests. This leads to confusion and doubts on which tools are the most suitable to be used in our Python projects.As a result of years of experience creating and maintaining Python projects, in this talk I will present a set of tools that were most successful in providing me reliable and effective Python testing environments. Moreover, it will incorporate code snippets and examples to illustrate how to make use of those tools in professional Python projects.


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