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MicroPython on the water


'MicroPython on the water' has been created from pure interest and passion for MicroPython – a Python 3.5 implementation for embedded/bare metal systems. MicroPython is a wonderful project, however, it deserves some love to isolate its core and use it within a realtime environment. The talk shows a potential approach how to run MicroPython as a task within FreeRTOS. The actual use case is a 2-cycle combustion engine management software for an RC model boat. The system takes care of sampling exhaust gas temperature, engine rpm and other useful telemetry data. MicroPython provides a very comfortable environment for implementing the inconvenient-to-write-in-C-business logic like storing telemetry data on an SD card, processing remote commands from the pilot and changing parameters of the engine management system accordingly.

The talk also shows how MicroPython can be plugged into a Kconfig based configuration management tool that is known from Linux kernel. The software ecosystem builds micropython as one of its components among HAL drivers, sensor software libraries, and last but not least the RTOS


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