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Introduction to data analytics with Pandas

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Pandas is the Swiss-Multipurpose Knife for Data Analysis in Python. With Pandas dealing with data-analysis is easy and simple but there are some things you need to get your head around first as Data-Frames and Data-Series.

The talk with provide an introduction to Pandas for beginners and cover reading and writing data across multiple formats (CSV, Excel, JSON, SQL, HTML,…) statistical data analysis and aggregation. work with built-in data visualisation inner-mechanics of Pandas: Data-Frames, Data-Series & Numpy. how to work effectively with Pandas

Alexander's professional carrer was always about digitalisation: starting from vinyl records in the nineties to to advanced data analytics nowadays.

He's program chair of Europe's main Python conference EuroPython, one of the 25 mongoDB masters and a regular contributor to the tech community. He has spoken at many international conferences in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Florence or Kiew.

He's working at Königsweg a consultancy for start-ups and the industry. Königsweg enhances your entrepreneurial impact through the development and implementation of high-performing transformation strategies across all business divisions.


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