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Effective Python package management


This talk showcases various example scenarios around the ins/outs of managing Python packages. Scenarios range from intra-package problems of how to build a package, inter-package problems of how to connect packages, to general usage/environment/setup problems that developers have a hard time debugging. For each of these scenarios, I'll highlight the pros/cons, best practices, and how to overcome the issues developers commonly face.

Some examples:

  • installing packages from public, local file system, git (ssh + https), and how this affects deployment procedures
  • handling systems with multiple Python versions or package managers
  • how app structures and imports can affect testability
  • relative vs absolute imports
  • virtual environments
  • setup scripts
  • package versioning (why, when, how)
  • how new code changes could not be taking effect (old .pyc files, or updated import not catching)
  • handling sub-packages/dependencies that utilize parent configuration files
  • working with PYTHONPATH
  • executing python as modules or scripts


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