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CPython loves your Pull Requests

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CPython, what's CPython. CPython is the official implementation of Python, written in C. And it's not just a implementation, it is a group of volunteers and where they daily work on the project but there is no many active contributors.

In this talk, I would like to prove to you than you can become an active contributor of CPython.

The core developers of CPython need your help, for example, with the review of some patches, you can comment a patch or try to reproduce a bug.

In the past, when you wanted to contribute to CPython, you had to use the bug tracker interface and send a patch, this patch was reviewed if you were lucky and after commented etc.... but this process was really long and time consuming.

Now with the new process based on GitHub and Git, you can create a new branch on your local repository and just send a Pull Request. The Pull Request is just awesome, we can comment it in just a few moments.

We need your Pull Requests for CPython.


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