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Rub-a-dub rubber duck: don’t be afraid to debug!

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The scenario: You run into a bug, break your code-then you have to figure out how to fix it. Do you want to learn what to do when your code doesn’t work? How a rubber duck can help? This talk is for you! I’ll present debugging strategies, how to prevent frustration, how to become a more confident debugger, and where/how to get help. Breaking things is the first step to learning how to fix them!

Anna Ossowski Bio

Anna is currently looking for a new people-focused role in tech. She is a former director of the Python Software Foundation, PyCon Open Spaces-Chair, DjangoCon US Communications Chair, and group leader of the PyLadies Remote group. In her free time she loves speaking at conferences and mentoring future speakers. Anna is very passionate about diversity and community outreach and wants to encourage more women to learn programming because it's awesome!


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