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Not on the shelves: what nonexistent books, tools, and courses can tell us about ourselves


There are hundreds of books about compilers, but only three about writing debuggers. Spreadsheets are used more than any other statistical tool, but version control still can't handle them. Everyone thinks we should teach kids to program, but courses on computing education are almost nonexistent. This talk explores why these gaps exist and what they tell us about computing today and in future.

Greg Wilson Bio

Greg Wilson is the co-founder of Software Carpentry, a volunteer organization that teaches basic computing skills to researchers in a wide range of disciplines. He has worked for 30 years in both industry and academia, and is the author or editor of several books on computing (including the 2008 Jolt Award winner "Beautiful Code") and two for children. Greg received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh in 1993.


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