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G.Tool: a Python-based DSL for managing information security governance information


Security professionals don't have great tools for managing their governance programs (audit, risk, system descriptions, etc.) and typically need to buy very expensive tools or resort to using Excel spreadsheets. G.Tool is an opensource python based framework that uses pyparsing to implement a user DSL and file ORM for building your security governance tools without writing code.

Ben Sapiro Bio

I am the head of Security at Vision Critical (a SaaS company) and have worked in both infosec consulting and operations since graduated from b-school. I'm a regular contributor on the LiquidMatrix Podcast (whenever we get around to recording it) and helps run BSidesTO.

Recently, I built an internal tool (in Python) at work and it went reasonably well to I decided so I decided to rebuild, from scratch, an open source and generalized version of the tool to help security professionals manage different information processes from audit reporting to risk management and everything in between.

I am not a professional developer but I've dabbled with Python for years. This is my first serious release in Python. Prior to this I released an opensource tool called Binary Risk Analysis.


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