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CPython internals: why bother?


So you've heard that the Python interpreter you use is called "CPython." It's written in C! But who cares? Why should you even bother to learn more? Could this ever be helpful? Could it help you debug your code or answer questions about how the language works? Thirty minutes is an awful lot of time to spend saying "no, just forget about it"...

James Powell Bio

James is a volunteer at NumFOCUS, the 501(c)3 non-profit that supports and promotes open source in data science, data analytics, and scientific computing. At NumFOCUS, he serves as an office of the board, helping to organize the PyData conference series. He also helps run New York's local python meetup groups, NYC Python and Learn Python NYC, and is a past-chair and current organizer for the New York Python conference, PyGotham.


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