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Circuit simulator for power electronics: Python power electronics


Simulating large systems with multiple power electronic converters is a challenge due to the non-linear nature of the circuit and the necessity to model the associated control systems with each converter. Python Power Electronics aims to provide a free and open source solution that can be used by both academics and industry professionals.

Shivkumar V. Iyer Bio

I am a Power Electronics Engineer at a start-up in Kingston, ON that develops solar microinverters. As a power electronics engineer my primary interest is in simulating large electrical systems with multiple power electronic converters. For this purpose, I am developing my own free and open source circuit simulator called Python Power Electronics ( This circuit simulator has been developed purely in Python and began with a blog ( and a project hosting on SourceForge ( The website ( now contains all parts of the project including case studies and examples and also documentation on how to use the software. My primary interest lies in simulating power systems with renewable energy systems.


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