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Improved Decision Making with Pareto Fronts


(Eyal Kazin) Optimising for multiple objectives is a non-trivial task, especially when they are in conflict. For example how can one best overcome the classic trade-off between quality and cost of production, when the monetary value of quality is not defined? In this gentle introduction to multi-objective optimisation you will learn about Pareto Fronts and how they can be used to optimise for multiple objectives.

As a data driven decision maker you will learn the advantages and shortcomings of the technique and be able to assess applicability for your own projects.

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PyCon AU is the national conference for the Python programming community, bringing together professional, student and enthusiast developers, sysadmins and operations folk, students, educators, scientists, statisticians, and many others besides, all with a love for working with Python.

PyCon AU informs the country’s Python developers with presentations, tutorials and panel sessions by experts and core developers of Python, as well as the libraries and frameworks that they rely on.

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Fri Sep 10 16:15:00 2021 at Science, Data & Analytics

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