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Using Jupyter Notebooks to Empower the Public with Environmental Data


Maalvika Bhat

Attendees will learn how to use Jupyter Notebooks and other Python tools to engage the public to create meaningful outcomes and positive social change. The Notebooks we’ve created serve to empower interested members of the public in participatory learning about industry-related pollution that is meaningful to them and their networks, as well as creating strategic, compelling, and informative reports of environmental injustices to inform community action. Our goal is to create a future in which justice and equity are at the center of environmental, climate, and data governance. No environmental justice knowledge required to attend.

Authors: Maalvika Bhat, Kelsey Breseman, Steve Hansen, Gil Jang, Eric Nost, Chris Sellers, Paul St. Denis, Lourdes Vera, Sara Wylie, and EDGI

Produced by NDV:

Python, PyCon, PyConAU, PyConline

Sat Sep 5 16:35:00 2020 at Floperator

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