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Procedural Generation of Terrain


Suzanne Baxter

Procedural generation is the process of programmatically creating data. Its value is in generating large quantities of similar but not identical assets such as textures and models. This talk will cover the topic of using procedural generation to create a landscape, which will give an illustration of the strengths of procedural generation and ways to overcome its weaknesses.

More specifically, the topics covered are: - using layered opensimplex noise to create a heightmap, as well as an overview of types of noise and the shortcomings of purely noise-based terrain - using image processing techniques to add mountain ranges in a manner more consistent with real-world geography than noise alone would allow - further enhancing the terrain by converting it from a heightmap to voxels, and then applying an erosion simulation

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Python, PyCon, PyConAU, PyConline

Sat Sep 5 13:35:00 2020 at Floperator

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