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Using Python to make learning Python better


As programmers one of the biggest super-powers we have is to improve the world by making new tools, automating work and making the tedious easy. As educators we know that things like personalised learning, scaffolding, and feedback really help our students. But doing all that can be challenging! We don’t have the tools, and it’s really tedious. Hang on!? Isn’t that our super-power?

In this talk I’ll explore how we can use our super-powers as programmers (and as educators) to improve our own practice. I’ll talk about how we can help develop deeper understanding in our students, and use tools (that we build) to do it! Programming isn’t just for “app developers” it’s something that everyone can use, so let’s demonstrate that by using it ourselves.

Fri Aug 2 09:15:00 2019 at C3.4 & C3.5


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