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Lightning Talks - Sunday

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Lightning Talks
Time Speaker Title
0:19 Sam Kitajima-Kimbrel You Aren't Facebook, and That's OK
4:55 Jason King Don't do what I did
9:55 Evan Kohilas Rubber Snaek
12:13 Dr. Russell Keith-Magee Tools for Apiarists
17:23 William Brown Hard CPUs Make Multithreading
21:54 Allen Rueben Joining the dots
24:16 Malcolm Ramsay How I Reinvented Solarized
26:47 Zac Hatfield-Dodds From REPL to reliable
31:55 Daniel McCarthy Hexapod and MicroPython
35:35 Lilly Ryan Towns I Wish I Could Visit
41:00 Jeremy Rothstein I'm a mockoholic
45:54 Nick Moore ESP32 and MicroPython
48:38 Katie Bell Hello
53:37 Peter Hall A Brief History of 'What is the Time?'


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