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Teaching Python with Minecraft


Digital K Minecraft is one of the best selling video games of all time. So, why not use it as a tool for teaching Python?

Instead of clicking to place blocks, students can create giant shapes, structures or even games within the game by learning some basic Python code - and along the way, key programming concepts.

This presentation will cover how it works, and what you need to set this up for school or home. We'll look at examples of coding projects, how it can relate to other subjects in the curriculum (such as maths and design), and discuss why this is a great tool for introducing beginners to text-based coding.

No prior knowledge required, although some familiarity with the Minecraft game and/ or text-based coding will be useful.

Recommended for teachers or parents of students in Years 5 - 12 who are at a beginner or intermediate stage of learning programming. Budding young coders also welcome!


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