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Have It Your Way: Maximizing Drive-Thru Contributions


VM (Vicky) Brasseur They drop by, they fix their particular problem, they leave. They're the drive-through contributor. While, yes, we all would prefer that these people stick around and join the community, there's no denying that a good drive-thru contribution adds value to your project.

A strong argument can be made that the more drive-thru contributors your project has, the healthier the project process and ecosystem. It shows that you've set up a process which is easy to understand, easy to follow, and which makes it easy to contribute. In a situation like that, it increases the opportunities for new contributors to become new community members and everyone is a winner.

This talk will present:

  • Methods for maximizing drive-thru contributions
  • Overall advantages of those methods for your project
  • An argument for using number of drive-thru contributions as a metric for project health


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