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Django Reduxed


Saket Bhushan The talk will be an introduction to all the moving parts involved in building a client side isomorphic single page application with a REST backend. We will take a dive into How and where does React-Redux fit into the bigger picture of REST APIs and Client Side MVC, and how to seamlessly introduce the goodness it brings to your django project. We will also see some non obvious things that you had to deal while using redux.

Having a service oriented architecture in web projects require interfacing the backend using a REST-ful interface. Building your website as a single page app allows you to focus on building the API up front, rather than duplicating your efforts to build a website and then replicating the functionality with an API. With a single page app, your website can be constructed in much the same way as a mobile app. Django and the Django REST Framework enabled my team to quickly deliverable a highly functional REST API that was customised to our unique needs.

React is a great tool to keep UI organised, but won't keep track of the data and state of application. Redux comes to rescue over here - it defines a minimal but sufficiently powerful way of interacting with that state. An action from the UI is combined with a simple JS object(state). Redux helps developers manage the state and flow of data around an application.

One of the strengths of redux is that everything is very explicit. It ease out the process of managing the state and flow of data around an application. Imagine tons of asynchronous actions without introducing annoying UI bugs.


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