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A Project-Driven Approach to Teaching Python: A Showcase of Student Work and Achievements


Bruce Fuda One of the greatest advantages the teaching of the Digital Technologies has over most other schooling disciplines is the ease and speed with which students can see the result of their learning. New knowledge and skills go from being concepts they've never seen before to working code and applications very quickly, resources to assist them are everywhere, and feedback throughout the learning process is immediate. This presentation demonstrates some of the work graduating students from my Year 12 class have produced in their final year - projects that demonstrate mastery of computer science concepts like path finding, Bayesian spam filters, Markov chain-based predictive text generators and Artificial Intelligence algorithms. With the right support and guidance, students can go from programming novices to Python ninjas in a time frame as short as two years. Come along and see what high school students are capable of, and how we can help them get there!


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