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Build your infrastructure - with Python!

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Cloud computing is changing the way that businesses think about their computing requirements. Instead of ordering hardware, waiting for delivery, allocating space in a data center, installing and wiring it up, and then configuring each piece of the system, you can now do the equivalent with a few clicks on a control panel, but that gets tedious. What's much more interesting is to do all of this programmatically, using our favorite language: Python!

This session will deep-dive into this topic by using pyrax, the Python SDK for the OpenStack and Rackspace Clouds. It will cover the following:

  • Getting your cloud account and credentials
  • Installing pyrax
  • Creating servers
  • Saving a customized server as a template image
  • Creating more servers on demand from your template images.
  • Creating, attaching, and imaging Block Storage volumes.
  • Using private networks to create a bastion host setup
  • Managing these servers with a Load Balancer
  • Creating and managing Cloud Databases
  • Using pyrax to manage your DNS
  • Object storage and management using pyrax


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