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PyConAU 2010: Lightning talks - Saturday


Lightning Talks - Saturday

  • 00:00 - Amy Maree: Talking about OLPC XO, Python and Pippy.
  • 05:55 - Jurgen Brendel: Jython and writing performance critical parts in Java.
  • 09:50 - Dave Claridge: Embedding Python and robots that play soccer.
  • 15:10 - Paul Dyson:
  • 20:20 - Richard Jones: cocos2d, a python game library
  • 25:40 - Brian Quinlan: Why you probably don't want to work for Google
  • 30:50 - Nick Coghlan: Running Python scripts.
  • 34:55 - Philip: How to introduce Python to a large organization
  • 38:55 - Ryan Kelly: with hacks: re-usable tools for with-statement hackery

PMC curator notes: Paul Dyson's demo at 18:28 is great.

If anyone know's Philip's last name (and/or if we spelled his first name wrong, too), let us know in the comments.


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