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What is Google App Engine?

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Talk description: Google App Engine is an exciting development and cloud-hosting platform that lets you build & deploy web (and non-web) applications on Google's scalable high-traffic infrastructure using familiar development environments. App Engine apps execute on servers in Google data centers and use the same technology that powers Google's websites for speed, scalability, and reliability. Applications are easy to maintain and scale as your traffic and resource needs grow (or shrink). With App Engine, there is no need to think about virtual machine images, operating systems, databases, Web servers, licensing, software updates/patches, load-balancing, or other hardware requirements. You just upload your code to Google: use our simple deployment system will have your app up and ready to serve the world generally in less than 60 seconds!. The conference was in Junín ( Buenos Aires, Argentina ) in Septiembre 2011, and it was managed by PyAr ( Python Argentina ).


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