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Statistics in Python with R


Statistics is essential to data analysis, and many people choose R because of its great package diversity. With the advent of pandas, Python becomes one of the hottest language to do data analysis, and it will be more helpful if we can do statistics in Python as well.

In this talk, I will first introduce how to do statistics in Python using statsmodel and some related functions implemented in Numpy and Scipy.

Then I will introduces the communication from Python to R using rpy2, and give you advices or alternatives about when to use this approach or not.

About the speaker

呆呆電雞生,喜歡寫 R / Python,喜歡統計與生物資訊。目前為 Taiwan R Users Group 工作人員及 常客。 Bioinfo / Stat / R / Python, master student of NTU BEBI. Co-organizer of Taiwan R Users Group and freq attendee of


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