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Python-powered Business Analytics


In this talk, I'll discuss how the modern Python stack has enabled innovation in business analytics and general purpose small, medium, and big data workflows. I'll talk about how the architecture of pandas and related projects will need to adapt and grow to suit the needs of the next decade of data analysis. Lastly, I will also give an overview of how this all relates to my company: DataPad, an early-stage business intelligence company.

About the speaker

Wes McKinney is an open-source Python hacker, author, and entrepreneur. He's the creator of pandas and author of O'Reilly book Python for Data Analysis. Currently, he is the Founder and CEO of DataPad, a new analytics and business intelligence company based in San Francisco. He has also been an occasional contributor to statsmodels. He started building pandas at AQR Capital Management in response to the growing need for better data manipulation tools in Python for business analytics and data science use cases.


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