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"Enhancing Civics Data with Elasticsearch, pandas and Eland" - Jay Miller (PyCascades 2021)


Jay Miller

After discovering that many major cities in the United States have open data projects that allow for a level of transparency. I was happy to discover that my own city had data available but quickly realized that the data had many issues that would make it difficult to analyze as-is.

In this talk, I will show how I was able to consolidate "Calls for Service" to the San Diego Police Department since 2015. This was done by importing the city-provided CSV files into Pandas DataFrames and making modifications to standardize data.

I will also convert approximate location data to a geo_point using Public geoJSON data and the filter capabilities in Elasticsearch.

Lastly, I will show how you can bulk upload the data into and out of Elasticsearch via eland so that it can be visualized in Kibana or a public graphing platform and how I automated this process to check for updates.

After three amazing in-person conferences, this time we're moving PyCascades online.

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Sat Feb 20 11:45:00 2021 at Prerecorded Talks

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